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Subsea Controls BOP Stack

subsea controls - BOP STACK
subsea controls - BOP STACK

Subsea Controls - BOP Stack

HMC has completed over 100 successful BOP Stack builds. Our years of experience have enabled us to become a highly valued resource for subsea control projects. When you utilize field service hands from our subsea field service division, you have experienced knowledgable personnel that have the skills to accomplish your project goals safely, ontime and constructed of the highest quality craftsmanship. HMC Subsea

  •  RAM  BOP
  •  LMRP
  •  Drilling Riser
  •  RAM Preventer
  •  Shear Ram
  •  Blind Ram
  •  Blind Shear Ram

HMC has built a variety of BOP Stacks including multiple ram configuration, single-, double-, triple- and quad-ram configurations. A typical stack might consist of one to six ram-type preventers and, optionally, one or two annular-type preventers. A typical stack configuration that we build has the ram preventers on the bottom and the annular preventers at the top.

Our team members each have extensive subsea controls experience including thousands of hours working on subsea controls equipment such as BOP Stacks. Our Subsea Controls BOP Stack team consist of Welders, Pipefitters, Mechanical assemblers who work together to fabricate, and assemble the project from start to finish..

We perform hook-up's, commissioning and completions of subsea controls equipement. We also perform subsea BOP stack recertifications. Our teams have the credentials to travel anywhere in the world.

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Subsea Controls

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Subsea POD's by HMC Instrumentation & Controls.

Subsea Controls

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Subsea controls bop

BOP Stack Build by HMC Instrumentation & Controls

Subsea Controls

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BOP Stack build by HMC Instrumentation & Controls